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Our treatment rooms are scrubbed and disinfected between every patient and our instruments are top-notch and well maintained.

BEAUTIFUL CERAMIC CROWNS READY IN JUST A FEW HOURS Depending on your individual needs, you may be a candidate for our beautiful all-ceramic crowns.Our crowns are made on site by our very talented Certified Dental Technician, are ready in just a few hours, and are the same fee as our other tooth colored crowns.STERILIZATION TECHNOLOGIES We utilize a multi-step sterilization process to keep our patients safe and healthy.We have two modern state-of-the-art steam autoclave sterilizers which are tested weekly by Comprehensive Dental Monitoring Services inside the Baylor College of Dentistry.The pictures appear instantly on the treatment room computer screen and are large enough for both the doctor and the patient to see and discuss treatment.

INTRAORAL PHOTOGRAPHY Our Intra Oral Camera allows patients to see an enlarged view of their teeth on a computer screen, helping them to understand the condition of their teeth and the work needed to restore their beautiful smile. We can zoom in on one tooth or give you a video tour of your entire mouth.An unspoiled land, sunny climate and misty afternoons give Ka‘u coffee its characteristic deep flavors.One esteemed coffee taster described a special Ka‘u coffee as "the taste of chocolate, cherry, and coconut, accented with floral notes of orchid and citrus flowers." Unique cultivating practices including hand picking, sun drying, warm sunny mornings and misty afternoon rains and fertile volcanic soils combine with the passion and aloha of Ka‘u farmers to produce some of the finest coffees grown anywhere.As of late July 2012, Zynga's games had over 306 million monthly active users.Four of Zynga's games, Chef Ville, Zynga Poker, Words with Friends, and Bubble Safari, have the most daily active users on Facebook, with Chef Ville having over 7.2 million daily active users.It is only then that the poker donkey will dig deep to gain knowledge of the game.