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The program hopes to give youth, families and the community at large a common language and understanding of how to help someone dealing with a mental health condition that could eventually lead to suicide.A grant to begin part one of a two-part program to develop a standardized approach I identifying, serving and educating students with risk factors for depression, anxiety, adverse childhood experiences and sustained trauma by sending two teachers to "7ei of Trauma Sensitive Schools"- Train the Trainer.

A supplement including a special report to Wisconsin businesses on the toll of depression in the workplace is attached.

(2006) of a youth themed issue of this national strategic health policy magazine to 5,000 professionals throughout the state.

Includes funds for media training for journalists, editors and reporters.

(2006) grant to support the purchase of Men Get Depression DVDs and a small DVD player to create a lending library. (2013) Support for fellowships for journalists to study a mental health topic with the aim of reducing stigma and promoting high quality reporting on mental health.

Funding to expand the existing FACE-Kids (Five Agency Cooperative Effort) to Mt. FACE-Kids uses a collaborative system as a strategy to provide accessible group counseling in schools, neighborhood centers, and FACE-Kids agencies.

Funding for a "Project 22" (a documentary based on two veterans who complete a 22 day motorcycle ride across the country to raise awareness of veteran suicides) viewing and conference with the filmmakers for a panel discussion.(2007) A grant to provide an outreach campaign to accompany a broadcast on the topic of men and depression.The broadcast will be created by State of the Art, a communications company, with support from the National Institute for Mental Health. (2006) Funds to provide an intensive monthly education program about mental illness to pediatric residents at the Children's Hospital's Downtown Health Center which serves disadvantaged youth in the downtown Milwaukee area and children in Milwaukee County's Foster Care System.The information contained in these pages is a copy of the official documents of these organizations.Since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act does not specify the language in which these documents need to be prepared, the Ministry of Finance publishes these documents in the original language in which they were prepared and presented to the Ministry.(2015) org/giving-and-volunteers/about-childrens-hospital-foundation/ Support to continue the Beat the Blues program to inform teens of the warning signs of depression and suicide and to create a new Ozaukee County mental health resource guide.