Xbmc tv show library not updating

It would be very confusing to add something to your Trakt collection, then have a stub entry show up in Kodi that doesn't actually do anything since it's not actual video content.

I don't think most users of the add-on would understand if that were the case.

Then I tried the same with a movie and it too appears in my collection on Trakt.

However my Trakt collection of movies still hasn't synced down to Kodi. I think there is some confusion on what the collection is. So, if you have a movie locally in your Kodi library that is watched on Trakt, that should mark it watched in Kodi as well.

No firewall nor anything else should be affecting so it is strange. So I reviewed the log - not very verbose around the cause of the failure so I'm afraid I'm useless to help. I tried to add a show on Trakt to my collection and then forced trakt script ot sync. Even though i get sync and scrobble messages from the trakt script on Kodi (including the red trakt script logo) it doesn't work.

All I can add is that this is osmc/kodi running on an RPi3 and hardwired to my network. Not sure why/how anything else would be accessing trakt - I've not credentialed or auth'd any other software/device/add-on other than yours and this is a pretty new install of Kodi (wiped about a week ago). I assure I've tried syncing, rebooting and anything else I could think of to force a sync which is why I'm kind of at a dead-end. I expect that's plenty of time for whatever startup routines, library updates, etc. I also changed Kodi Logfile Uploader to also include the old log so that's why two links above. More confusing is, if this indeed doesn't work, then how did I get my episodes back after the wipe?

I know my credentials are right because I can log in to the site with them and I successfully did the PIN thing so not sure why it would appear not to be able to connect. I got a code in Kodi and entered it in the website as you say.

See line 1175 for failed connection, not failed login. You should not enter anything into kodi when getting auth. This was done correctly prior to me filing the bug report and done again above where I said I re-auth'd. Will review the log now see if I can make some sense of why the connection should fail.If I add something to my lib because I have it on BD/DVD/Laserdisc/VHS/Betamax or if I add smth to my library because I know I can find it on Amazon Prime or Netflix or Hulu but I want in my Kodi lib because I spend 90 % of my viewing time IN Kodi then Trakt should sync that entry.Either down to a wiped or new device or to any secondary/tertiary devices.Anything related to streaming add-ons would be handled by them directly, it isn't something we provide help support for since those are separate add-ons from this one.I get what you're saying about the library placeholders, but I don't think that is how Kodi is intending the local library feature to work.Are you sure it was Trakt that synced those episode placeholders to Kodi?