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Basketball: Grab a basketball and head to the local school to shoot come baskets.Whether it is a fun game of one-on-one or a shooting game like “H-O-R-S-E” you can have a great afternoon together.This makes them quite versatile no mater how long you have been dating your partner.

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If throwing back and forth loses it’s interest, you can also run football plays.No matter what sport you decide to do, you can spend quality time together at minimal cost — and get some exercise in, too.Football: Just as with baseball, tossing a football back and forth can be great fun.To make it easier, you may want to use a soft Nerf type style.Whichever piece of paper your date chooses is your date for the day/evening.

If both you and your date are athletic, setting up a date around a sport can be a wonderfully good time without costing much at all.Toss the ball around and enjoy each other’s company.**This also can be adapted into a question game date.If there is a sand box, build sand castles together.This is a perfect inexpensive date to go along with a picnic lunch where you can be silly, giggle, play tag and remember the fund days of being a child.Wherever you plan to go, a packed picnic lunch will be a fraction of the price of eating out and likely a lot healthier.