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I tried what Tiskilwa suggested and it still doesn't work for me. I had similar trouble when trying to connect to my ipod touch to my home wireles (lynksys) which is secured by a password.When I have password activiated I can't connect using my iphone. My ipod touch asked me to enter the password for the network. To find the network security key go to click on "wireless", click the sub-tab "wireless security".It is longer than the i Phone but don't give up keep typing! THANK YOU With Linksys router, you need to make sure that the settings on the "Wireless MAC Filter" tab are not preventing your i Phone from accessing the wireless network.

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Are you receiving an endless “Validating Identity” connection status when trying to connect to a wireless network.

In a few simple steps you can bypass Windows Validation, and the resulting “Limited or No Connectivity” issue on an encrypted connection.

My internet comes to D-link 655 wireless router from there I have wired connection, one of the connection goes to a switch from this switch I connect wired devices in my office.

Another connection from D-link 655 router goes to another wireless router in my living room which is a Linksys router.

Look for number 3) you'll see this: 3)Manual Configuration Method For client devices without WPS, manually configure the device with the following settings. write any password you chose and then hit "generate". This will take a few seconds when done use the 10 digits under "Key 1" on the router as your Wifi password on your i Phone.

Network Name (SSID) : MARYKATE-PC_Network Wireless Security : Configured Network Authentication : WPA PSK Data Encryption : TKIP Network Key (PSK) : Cxx O3h2c G9gn Vj Sy This is my security key minus a few numbers. It tells me password incorrect even though I'm putting in the exact password. I been fighting with my router for 2 months , I been doing what everyone else has been telling me and I gave up, I seen your post , I dont have the wrt120n I have the wrt52g so I thought I would try it anyways and it worked! What I finally discovered is that the password to enter is not the password that you created for the wifi but it is actually the network security key which lynksys provided when you purchased. The "passphrase" is the network security key and is what you should use as the password for connecting the ipod touch to the wireless.When I disable the password I then can get access though. For WRT120N Linksys users, you should grab the network security key stored in the text document on your desktop after configuration and use that as your password for connecting to your home network. OK, this is how I resolved it for my Linksys Model no: WAG32ON, it may work for others as well: 1. dont click on it type it in your web browser manually and when I did that the webpage came up but I dont see anything to click on called "wireless" I see my network, firewall settings, advanced, system montering omg... On a Belkin router you have to go to then click on Wi Fi Protected setup. I have Comcast Modem I have a Linksys BEFSR41 Wired modem I now wish to install a Linksys WRT110 Wireless Router on to the Wired Modem in order to have both a wired and wireless network. Pull the power cord from the cable modem, make sure the lights go off and leave it off.2. Reboot any computers, rescan for wireless and reconnect. Linksys Wireless Router I want to keep the wired router available. When I followed the directions using a WEP level seucrity i kept getting an error saying "Validating Identity"I've added the security key, rebooted, rest the modems, still nothing.When I follow the directions I get a wireless signal created, but the laptop that i use to do the installation can no longer get ANY signal, neither wireless nor wired. Thank you, Dav id Perform the following EXACTLY Before following these directions, please make sure everything is wired correctly. With the power ON on the Linksys router, press and hold the reset button on the back of the Linksys router. Second check the wireless mac filter on the routers page maybe mac filter is set to enable thats why you cant connect your iphone to your wifi I had the same issue and this fixed it: I found a solution from a friend: You disable the password and let the iphone connect to the router. I have done a manual reset (unplug router, then modem, wait 1 min.