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Young people looking to Rose as a role model are in good hands.

Awesomeness TV While many You Tubers have found the jump to acting elusive, Rose’s easy onscreen persona and sarcastic charm have served her well in two key roles. Student Body President,” she stars alongside Jeremy Shada (“Adventure Time”) as a savvy student government schemer Hadley, and she plays the less popular but similarly over-achieving Hillary in “Guidance.” READ MORE: Online Essentials: Logan Paul Is Like Johnny Knoxville, But Sweeter — Watch Both shows are available to stream on go90, Verizon’s free streaming service and the top distribution platform for the growing cadre of digital content studios.

She is also an actress and producer and has appeared in a number of short films. She collaborates with her boyfriend, who is also a celebrated You Tuber, in her You Tube videos.

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Which “Bo Jack Horseman” character do you wish would get their own spinoff? READ MORE: ‘Adventure Time’ Star Jeremy Shada Gets On Camera In ‘Mr. Student Body President’ Kill, Shag, or Marry: Instagram, Twitter, or You Tube? Her most popular video called ‘Jenn XPenn Is Pregnant?! After Kennedy began her own channel, Arden too thought of creating one.’—where she along with her You Tube friends make prank calls to common friends—hasearned her over 3.3 million views Arden first took to You Tube in high school. In 2008, she created her channel, but posted her own videos only in 2009. Arden being of a more reserved nature, found happiness in You Tube.Arden Rose is known mainly for her comedy videos, makeup tutorials and advice videos.

She recently began two separate channels: one for gaming and the other for regular vlogs. She is also extremely popular on other social sites, with a million followers on Instagram and 556K followers on Twitter.

If you’re embarrassed by old Facebook photos, imagine having seven years of You Tube videos from the age of 14.

It’s just a fact of life for rising actress Arden Rose, star of New Form’s “Mr.

With the success of her first channel she began two other separate channels as well.

One is solely dedicated to gamingcalled the ‘Arose Games’ channel, as she is a gaming freak.

The site is host to many short form series utilizing You Tube talent, of varying qualities. Student Body President” are two projects that speak well for the new medium. Dodie Clark’s “Sick of Losing Soulmates” music vid, my new video (to make sure everything was edited correctly and I don’t have a nipple out or something), and a Buzzfeed video where people eat their favorite fast food. Any Kermit related meme is going to make me snort/laugh. shitheadsteve on Instagram is my favorite account hands down. Which up and coming You Tuber are you most excited about?