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My last video as “Nostalgia Chick” will be Animorphs.

Even if you haven’t heard of CA and know me from somewhere else, you probably wouldn’t had I not joined the site.

I most probably never would have gotten into web video at all had I not submitted that fateful video these six years past.

Although it would be interesting to look at the rest of the franchise as well.

I tried watching the original show recently (because it ended before I was born) and it...isn't very good. There's some good ideas there, but it's a dumb 80s cartoon that aged pretty badly. Oh yeah, I think most fans will agree the G1 show is pretty bad :-P Just look at (which, BTW, is the best fan wiki ever made coz it doesn't take itself seriously), whose episode recaps LOVE making fun of the show's dodgy logic.

But like any relationship at its end, we were moving in different directions, and at this juncture it’s for the best for both of us that we part ways. I made my full living off of online video from about 2011-2013, when I just got kind of burned out on it.

Honestly I found it less stressful to do it for the love of the game than for money, but found also when I did, I just didn’t feel incentivized to be “Nostalgia Chick” anymore.At That Guy With The, Lindsay Ellis was best known as The Nostalgia Chick, a critic to provide female foil to That Guy With The Glasses's The Nostalgia Critic.Lindsay is a Masters graduate at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and resided in Los Angeles, California before returning to live in New York City.The truth is, I probably wouldn’t even have applied had circumstances in my life been different – I was just out of college, I’d lost my job, I didn’t know if I was going to stay in New York or not, desperately applying to grad school, life unravelling – typical post-college bullshit.But I did apply, and before long I was a part of the nascent, and a couple months later Paul was as well, and a few years later he would meet my friend, Elisa, and, well, now we have a Grey.It probably comes as no surprise to know that I was never completely comfortable with the idea of “Nostalgia Chick” – of all of the site’s contributors, I was the only one whose primary show had been conceived before it was cast.