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Moshe: All you have to do is keep traveling and you can call it a honeymoon. So we decided to go to our favorite destinations on the West Coast to see how long we can squeeze this thing. Let’s say you don’t live in one of these great cities. Moshe: We’re going to the most beautiful areas in the western… It could have been Albuquerque, but Tucson is first on the schedule. I wondered how rustic you were going to go with your travel accommodations. So we’ll go to a National Park, then a nice hotel, then a campsite, and then a nice hotel. The good thing is that we will be straight-up raw dog fucking in both the Scamp and the hotel. A lot of people are going to be asking you what’s the best advice you can give for relationships. Moshe: Natasha has the season premiere of Another Period coming up June 15th.

Hosting the audience member Q&A in the camper is going to be a little weird then because you can’t get the smell of sex out of a camper very easily. I want to know what you think the worst thing you could do in a marriage is? I just did a pilot for Comedy Central and I’m in development for another show on Showtime with the Russo Brothers.

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Moshe: Have a secret life where are you lure city workers into your house and keep them trapped in a basement, like in a cage, and then don’t tell your wife about it until years later when she walks down and realizes that there are 26 people chained to the furnace. Zach Cregger from The Whitest Kids U’ Know and I wrote it. Moshe: I imagine there are going to be lots of kids in our future. Moshe: But right now we’re dealing with our three dogs. Natasha and I are also planning on having our lovely life together. Parodying the rapper's lyrics, he said '"Move, b***h, get out of the way", is what Paul Walker should have told that tree', prompting outrage from fans of the actor, who died in a car crash in November 2013.Comedian Moshe Kasher is a fan of New Orleans both because and in spite of a memorable show at Hell Yes Fest two years ago.In addition to touring, he's carved out a niche and fanbase via the book, a show (Live in Oakland) released on Netflix and podcasts.

"I started comedy at the tail end of the alt-comedy movement," he says. There were all these cool rock 'n' roll comedians and you had the immediacy of the Internet." Kasher has embraced the Internet to the point of reading comments on his You Tube videos to mine for material."You know it's cool when she turns her talons on you. I had my arms out foolishly on the table, and when she finally noticed and turned on me.I felt comfortable." Kasher had already written plenty of jokes about his hairy wrists, so it was easy for him to take advantage of the spotlight.Touring also is a way to get away from spending all of her time with producers, writers and industry people, she says. "I always thought in my head I was this rich, successful person even though I was living among crackheads in Little Armenia and driving a car that the top would be halfway up half the time," she says."I had a convertible with dents in the side and the top would only go halfway up.After three years of touring as a headliner, Leggero won't start touring heavily again until late in the year. "There are lots of ways to make it more fun: going to cool cities; traveling with friends.