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[ dissolve to "Family Ties" montage and theme song ] [ dissolve to the Keaton family gathered around their kitchen ] Elyse Keaton: I can't believe we're leaving this house and moving to Colorado.

He is the eldest of 4 children of his parents, with all of them brothers.

His 3 smaller brothers are, namely James, Thomas & Jeffrey Anderson.

2008 spielte sie schlie├člich in vier Episoden der Dramedy Desperate Housewives die Rolle der Drogendealerin Ellie Leonard.

Bateman ist mit Mark Fluent verheiratet und hat mit ihm zwei Kinder.

And to think, not so long ago, we thought Jennifer was gonna die. [ flashback to the same kitchen at another earlier time ] Elyse Keaton: I can't believe my little Jennifer is gonna die.. Mallory Keaton: Mom, you know the doctor said we could do far more good for Jennifer if we'd just stay here in the kitchen.

Weezy Jefferson: Don't worry about that, Florence will help me straighten it up. Currently, the owner of his total estimated net worth, 20 million USD, Richard is the son of Jocelyn Rhae Carter & Stuart Jay Anderson.He was born on 23rd January, 1950 & was partly brought up in his birth land of Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. [ phone rings; Keatons stare at it as the camera pans left ] [ Justine Bateman steps forward, as the lights are lowered behind her ] Justine Bateman: I don't want to give away the ending. But the phone call was from the company that offered my dad the job, and they.. TIES -- ''D' is for Date' Episode 25 -- Pictured: (l-r) Justine Bateman as Mallory Keaton, Scott Valentine as Nick Moore, Michael J. Keaton, Meredith Baxter as Elyse Keaton, Michael Gross as Steven Keaton -- Photo by:... Two of the boys have the flu, the first date's bene cancelled.