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It is well known that the Affordable Care Act, so reviled by Trump and other Republicans, emerged from a market-based model that was developed by Stuart Butler, the director of Heritage’s Center for Policy Innovation, and adopted in 2006 by Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. Bush presidency, foreign policy experts at the American Enterprise Institute, such as Richard Perle, a Defense Department official in the Reagan administration, helped shape Bush’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, including, most notoriously, the war in Iraq.

Under Trump, however, these institutions are struggling to adjust.

He spent the first few months of his father's presidency inn New York City with his mother, occupying a whole floor to himself in the Trump penthouse—and attending the private Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School.

Melania’s decision to remain with Barron in New York to finish his school year was controversial.

Ivanka, businesswoman and newly appointed special assistant to the president, is perhaps the Trump child most in the spotlight.

She is the only daughter of Ivana and is married to Jared Kushner, who is himself a senior adviser to the president.

And recently, she’s participated in events like the White House Easter Egg Roll.

After graduating from UPenn (like her father, Don Jr., and Ivanka) in 2016 with a double major in urban studies and sociology, Tiffany moved just a few blocks down the street from the White House to attend Georgetown University’s law school. Tiff, as she’s known to friends, is part of the so-called “Rich Kids of Instagram” troupe – which includes other celeb offspring including RFK daughter Kyra Kennedy and Gaia Matisse, the great-great-granddaughter of legendary painter Henri.

The pair have three children: Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore.

Ivanka was officially named to an advisory role in the White House, an unpaid position that formalized her consulting with her father.

A redacted paperback version even became a best seller.

“Of a sudden,” Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan declared, “the In subsequent years, Heritage and other conservative think tanks continued to formulate sweeping proposals.

Ivanka took a leave of absence from both her namesake company and from the Trump Organization to assist her father in the White House.