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Natives have been fighting for centuries to preserve our lands and cultures and we are still working to reclaim our identities. There is no need to cast non-Native performers and actresses in Native roles. The practice of whitewashing is unnecessary, unacceptable and discriminatory. Natives are often typecast in stereotypical roles or removed from the narrative entirely.Sonny Skyhawk (Sicangu Lakota), who formed American Indians in Film and Television, states, “We have a caliber of acting chops that should be utilized.” There are many talented and capable Native performers to fill Native roles and actual Native people are the only ones who should.

A DRIVER has been warned he faces a long prison sentence after admitting causing the death of a nine-year-old boy.

Atif Dayaji pleaded guilty to causing the death of Daisyfield Primary School pupil Adam Limbada by dangerous driving when he appeared at Preston Crown Court yesterday.

It’s more than a last-minute bullet point on your resume or Wikipedia page to qualify you for a role you wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Incidentally, claiming Native ancestry without proof makes one a fraud. These are some of the topics that my wife (Summer Tiger) and I speak about on a daily basis.

His positivity, good nature, and sense of fun were undeniable, and it was always a big jolt of the best kind of energy when he walked in to record the show. I am beyond fortunate to have had the privilege of working with him, and he will be profoundly missed by all of us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given, Mr.

Her child had been ripped from her womb and taken by her alleged killers. Right now there are thousands of missing Native women and others whose murder cases remain unsolved.

Not selecting a Native woman to embody the bravery of these women is a disgrace.

“There are many Native stories that are not being told.

We are so much more than stories of poverty, or hapless victims who must be rescued by a white savior,” states Ruth Hopkins (Dakota/Lakota), a tribal attorney, activist and Native writer.

Audiences are being robbed by false representation of Native identity and the chance to bear witness to our truth.