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I was wearing jockey shorts and my hardening cock was caught in an uncomfortable bind.

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Best of all, her pajama bottoms were slung low on her hips and I could detect some wisps of pubic hair at the top of her bush.

Mom was really getting into her dancing now and I was responding.

When I got home late Saturday night, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I told her that I had come up with an idea and that I wanted her opinion.

I said to her "Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for me." "I know, son," she said. I couldn't relax" Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably good and relaxed now. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it used to be, but then again so were her tits. She sat back down, poured herself another drink and asked me to tell her about it.

" She seemed to like this idea and turned her back to me while she unbuttoned her pajama top and tied the ends in a knot under her breasts.

When she turned back I could see her stomach - not flat, but not big either. Tying the shirt also created more cleavage, giving me a better view of her breasts.

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I didn't stick it down the front in her bush like I would with a real topless dancer because I thought Mom might object. I took another dollar bill and creased it lengthwise.

Before Mom could object, I slid it in between her breasts. I too another dollar, creased it lengthwise and told her to turn around.

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