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I was pretty nervous and shy being such a novice to the sport.

I had tried one triathlon many years prior with a friend who convinced me to sign up for a Tempe Town Lake Sprint Triathlon back in 2000 or so.

They talked about completing sprint to full distance Ironman races, some even multiple Ironman races.They had an assortment of personalities, careers and stories, but they all had a couple of things in common: they were determined, supportive, ambitious, and they were all older than me! Who would ever want to do anything besides run, for fun?I had no idea the distance, but I was in since my first experience with TNT was so positive.I figured if nothing else, I would raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and finish a triathlon and if I embarrassed myself, I would be out of state and no one I knew would see. I finished my first Olympic distance tri in September 2012. Why I keep doing them is they have pushed me outside my comfort zone. On a volleyball court, I will not think twice about kicking you when you are down.I was greeted by Kay Wolferstetter, who literally welcomed me with open arms and declared I had found my family - my aunts and my sisters. Lisa Roberts spoke at the first meeting I attended. He told me that there was a triathlon coming up at the school and I should sign up.

I remember thinking how cool it was to have a professional triathlete speak at the meeting, even though I didn’t really know anything about triathlons. Somehow the seed he planted on many occasions finally sprouted; I bought a bike and he patiently taught me a few things about swimming – like how to put my head in the water (Scary!

I started swimming, biking, and running with Rob as our relationship blossomed to help support him in this endeavor.

I had always been an avid road and mountain biker and ran “A LOT” with the Tucson Women’s Soccer League.

I had completed one tri in grad school; the idea came when a friend of mine texted me on a random Wednesday afternoon asking how my swimming was coming along. Good thing I bought those goggles on sale at Kohl’s) and that a one-piece swimsuit was necessary. The tri was very beginner friendly and not USAT sanctioned.

I showed up on race day with a few supporters and a Victoria Secret bag full of running clothes (what are bike shorts? Somehow I survived the pool swim, rode my bike with my cage pedals and finally made it to my safe place, my running shoes.

Well, it seems, if you hang around crazy long enough, you will become it.