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The visitor who has a question or concern can click that little button and get real-life interaction pronto.

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Dear customers, we are presenting today our Live Chat support.

Until today we primarily used email, telephone and Twitter for customer support.

We have identified our goal with Live Chat as to help most customers solve their problems in a single chat session.

So whether you have a question in regards to general service understanding, some doubts related to the order or payment process, or issue during the rental process, Wifivox will solve it right away with Live Chat.

Recently, the offer of Life Support Chat products has grown both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Therefore we have decided to map the situation in the market and choose the best product for you.REVE Chat is a powerful and intuitive live chat software for website.It allows your agents to personally guide and help visitors, while they go through the various sections of your website.That’s right – with Pistonbroke’s Live Chat solution, you can be alerted to a site visitor’s presence and initiate a chat with them yourself (aka push).At Pistonbroke, we can equip your website with a Live Chat module that will give you a variety of options as to how you’d like this service to be integrated into your site – options that are far beyond what any “do-it-yourself” service or download could ever offer.You don’t need to daydream any longer – there’s an immediate way to up your conversions tenfold.