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Most articles about the state of American movies in the 1980s feature writers bitching and moaning about how the era was built on sequels and action-packed, plot-deprived blockbusters. Independent films really didn't become relevant (again) until sex, lies, and videotape, which was released in 1989. Something good did come out of the decade: a slew of great date movies. The typical woman would get a love story usually featuring a hunky, emotionally lost male lead.

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stars Richard Gere as Zack Mayo, a talented but selfish young man who enters the Navy's Officer Candidate School to become a pilot.

Under the tutelage of his tough drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Louis Gossett, Jr.), Mayo learns discipline, leadership and compassion, forming a relationship with local girl Paula Pokrifki (Debra Winger) along the way.

“ "Melodieverliebtes Multitalent: Younee mit 'My Piano'.

Der als Star-Pianistin gelobten Younee gelingt es auch bei ihrem zweiten Album mit eigenen Werken als Sängerin und Songschreiberin zu überzeugen.

Paula could easily trap Zack through pregnancy, a tactic used by other "Puget debs." He's fighting a case of love-and-leave 'em genetics.

Plus, he's only in the Pacific Northwest for 13 weeks.Die von den begeisterten Medien als Star-Pianistin bezeichnete Komponistin und Singer-Songwriterin YOUNEE aus Südkorea, beweist auch mit ihrem zweiten Album ‚MY PIANO’ eindrucksvoll, dass sie zu den Innovativsten gehört! weiterlesen „Nach Deutschland übergesiedelt, begann sie, alle ihre Fähigkeiten und Leidenschaften in ihrem Spiel zu bündeln: die klassische Technik und Formensprache, die melodische Kraft des Pop sowie die rhythmische Finesse und improvisatorische Freiheit des Jazz.Nur wenige klassische Pianisten können auch improvisieren.To a great extent, this is standard-issue romantic melodramaboy meets girl, boy grows up, boy gets girl Set against a patently Hollywood-ized military training environment.The development of Gere's character is predictably inspirational, from a rough boyhood (an absent military officer of a father, early loss of his mother), to his determined, record-setting performance in the Officer program, to his acceptance of responsibility and a love he scarcely recognized.A subplot involving his classmate Sid (David Keith), whose storyline after dropping out of the program only to be rejected by his pilot-chasing girlfriend Lynette (Lisa Blount), is so heavy-handed as to be almost comical, as is some of the exposition early in the film.