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Firstly, when French soldiers laid down their arms because of the Peace of Paris (1783) treaty, the Christians refused to fight for Tipu. 330,000 to General Matthews, which led Tipu to believe that the Mangalorean Catholics were helping the British.In May 1783, General Matthews was accused of procrastination and suspended by the Bombay Government.These migrants were welcomed by the native Bednore rulers of Canara for their agricultural skills.

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Historian Ahmad Saeed states that the Christians acted as spies and guided the British In a letter to his superiors, Colonel Campbell strongly commended the role of the Bombay Natives regiment.

This was led by a native major named Francis Pinto who put up a brave defence of the fort.

He had also taken part in the conquest of Mangalore in 1768, and accused the Mangalorean Catholics of treachery towards the sovereign, as well as their having helped the British.

He was aware of the treatment of Canara Muslims by the Portuguese clergy, and had always resented his father's favourable policy towards the Mangalorean Catholics.

Contemporary Mangalorean Catholics are descended mainly from the Goan Catholic settlers, who migrated to Canara from Goa, a state north of Canara, between 15 in three major waves.

The first wave of immigrants came to Mangalore to escape the trials of the Goa Inquisition of 1560.

Of the 60,000–80,000 Christians taken captive, only 15,000–20,000 both made it out alive and retained their original faith.

The episode had a deep impact on the Literature of Mangalorean Catholics.

A final influx of immigrants arrived during the Portugal–Maratha wars in Goa during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. D'Souza mentions that Hyder had also used Canara Christians for administrative purposes.

By 1686, Seringapatam, capital of the Kingdom of Mysore, was home to a community of more than 400 Catholics who were severely harassed in the following two decades when their churches were destroyed and the priest's house confiscated. In accordance with the two treaties concluded with Portugal, Hyder allowed Portuguese priests to settle disputes among the Christians.

He finally delivered the Mangalore fort to Tipu when the British capitulated on 30 January 1784.