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) We were surrounded by captivating sights, smells and colors.Kunal explained that these are pilgrims who journeyed to Varanasi; they wear orange, bear flowers, and paint their foreheads. In Varanasi, you’ll come across all sorts of unexpected scenes.Many parts of India are quite developed (especially Mumbai and New Delhi).

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As any Goth can tell you, there’s beauty to be found in death and decay.Traveling in India, Yukiro and I came face-to-face with these aspects every day– especially in Varanasi, on the River Ganges.Even for super-experienced travelers like ourselves, Varanasi (aka Kashi or Benares) is a challenging destination.It’s sensory overload: people and tuk-tuks everywhere, cows and garbage in the streets, and yes — you’ll encounter excrement at some point!It would have been very stressful if we had tried to come here and get around on our own.

Janu can arrange tours anywhere in India, and he linked us with Kunal Rakshit of Experience Varanasi for this final portion of the journey (since we had to fly one hour from Delhi).

Yukiro and I arranged our India trip with Janu Private Tours.

It made the world of difference to travel with our own private guide, car, and driver: we were able to see multiple cities in a short time, and never worry about the logistics. Janu and his guides were always on hand to answer our questions expertly, and with a smile.

Kunal is a great listener, and customized the tour to exactly match our interests and goals.

As we drove through the city, he struck a great balance between delivering interesting information, answering our questions, and just letting us soak it all in.

Yukiro and I enjoyed observing the fashion of the Indian women around us.