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Sure, he may look like a sculpture made of dried bubble gum and he has some serious personality problems, but Wade Wilson has a lengthy list of love interests over the years. Right now he's currently married and he's even tied the knot quite a few times prior. Let's take a look at the ladies of his life who could look past his skin texture. That's the same Vanessa that Morena Baccarin plays in the movie.Copycat lived with Wade years ago, when he was a simple mercenary.

Once that business was done with, Deadpool couldn't hear nor see Death anymore.Occasionally, he'd reach a state of near-death good enough to be able to meet with her until he was actually killed.Her gasp at seeing his face broke him down, but then she coaxed him with her touch and apologized.From there, Deadpool became infatuated with her and would regularly watch over her when she was asleep.She later admitted knowing he was there and feeling safe about it.

Siryn acted as the angel on Deadpool's shoulder for a while, trying to steer him in the right direction.

Weapon X brought Deadpool back into the loop and gave him the mission of killing Copycat.

Deadpool instead rebelled and tried to save her life.

Wade found himself in love with the skull-faced entity and she grew to love him too, what with him carrying the stench of murder.

As torturous as his days in Weapon X were, it was his time with Death that made it bearable.

She was sliced to ribbons by Sabretooth and died in Deadpool's arms, swearing that she always loved him.