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I emailed Darrin Lythgoe and he responded immediately.

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Darrin, the author, has offered extremely good customer service, including patiently assisting me to understand some features.

Another great feature is being able to add custom event codes, which, in my case, are DNA kit number and Matched Grouping links.

I must say, he is a very service-oriented individual and has 'walked' a novice-novice thru the installation process of TNG. I can't wait to get started." "TNG is a great program.

I have a DNA project, Smiths DNA, which has been growing rapidly and have outgrown posting trees in static format on a forum.

Now I wish there were similar software to organize the rest of my life.... " "I would also like to add another 'thank you' for the hard work you put in to making TNG such a wonderful piece of web software - particularly the ease with which it handles the information on the ~200,000 individuals that are currently available to view on the web.

Many of my website users (I currently have ~600 subscribers) have been complimentary about how easy it is to find information they are looking for. " "I looked at many genealogy software applications, and the web sites they produce, and just was not impressed. I was skeptical at first of using TNG, but at the price of the software, I figured it was worth trying out.Discover how to build remarketing lists, link accounts, use remarketing tags, and target custom audiences.Plus, learn about more advanced solutions such as dynamic remarketing and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).I have never seen people so dedicated and so helpful.I will continue to promote your software very strongly." "Ive been using the TNG for some time and cant find anything better!Truly this program lives up to its name of being The Next Generation, and provides an easy and secure way for members to collaborate on trees on the internet." "This is the greatest piece of genealogy software I have ever seen. Back in 1999 I had Randy Winch's IGM, which absolutely doesnt compare with yours.