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Note if you put different MCC and MNC values than your currently installed SIM card, you will get a warning from the updater saying that the firmware does not match your device.

Ignore the warning if you know what you are doing and you really want to flash that version.

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Just open a flz file in the updater and you’re good to go!A flz file is just a zipped fls file together with an xml description file.For example, if you want to flash FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.09_firmware, just do the following: Create file with the following contents: MCC and MNC values in the file are not important, you can put any value.Then zip these two files, and FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.09_together.This page provides the latest RUT950 firmware updates for your Teltonika RUT950 4G Router.

NB : This new firmware is for all RUT9xx models – RUT950 / RUT900 and RUT955 – (changelog) SUBSCRIBE TO GET THE LATEST FIRMWARE UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS Sorry – we have been advised to remove these publicly available Firmware Updates for the Teltonika RUT950 and RUT955 routers.

For example, models T440, X240, X1 Carbon 2nd and 3rd gen, X250.

For tablets or other devices don’t use the firmware given in this post, you can brick your EM7345!

Rename the zip archive to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.09_ Now you can launch Intel Firmware updater, click “Add firmware” and it will be recognized and showed in the list.

Then you can click “Update Firmware” and that’s it!

Also, it may ask to disconnect the phone and re-insert the battery while updating. Watch the process patiently and wait for the update to get completed. Then power on your phone and wait for a while to get it properly loaded.