Updating an 80s kitchen

But Van Slyke’s favorite new feature in the kitchen?The cone light pendants she made for less each (the cheapest ones she could find in store were about 0 per fixture.) Using a lampshade, pendant light kit and Portfolio 2-Pack Antique Brass Lamp Pipes, she was able to create stunning statement fixtures.Van Slyke says that two years later, the floors are still holding up nicely.

I didn’t want to spend the money on new cabinets, so I just painted the existing ones. I also did a little surgery on the cabinet doors to turn the raised panel doors into recessed panel doors.The raised panel doors (and some of them were double panels) just didn’t seem right for the room.I painted it freehand, but it actually started out looking a little different than it looks today. Okay, it’s a tiny room, but it took three (or four) years to get to this point, so I took tons of pictures. My waterproof artwork above my sink is one of my favorite things.Fortunately, my artistic mom offered her advice on how to fix some of the problem areas on my original tree to make it look better. No matter how wet or dirty it gets (and I’m pretty messy at the sink), all I have to do is wipe it off with a sponge and it looks good as new.Catilin also tried a combination of blue and tan walls, but didn't love it in the end, so decided to go with a fresh spring green instead.

The biggest change in the kitchen, after the new IKEA cabinets, was converting from an electric range to a gas range.I’m just not a big fan of raised panel doors anyway.It originally had a very old-looking built in stove… And again, you can see the quick view before and after by hovering your pointer over the picture below.Using reclaimed wood, she and her husband were able to make barn-style doors for only .Other cosmetic updates included changing the backsplash out with timeless white subway tiles and painting the walls and brick with a lighter color, creating a lighter, brighter vibe.Design blogger Erica Van Slyke knew the kitchen in her 1980s fixer upper was in desperate need of a makeover.