Updating 003 rack system firmware initializing controllers

Updates: Fixed retentive memory loss issue in Modular Controller and Data Station products. Updates: Fixed G3 intermittent comms when ARP request for gateway address not responded to. Fixed Log Comment function not adding comments to log.

Fixed inability to map tag to FST register message #1 parameter within Emerson Process ROC driver. Updates: Added ability to password protect programs and data tags.

Fixed touching blank screen areas causing buttons to activate. Added increased number of major and minor divisions in the Trend Viewer.

Added improvements to MIF import in Micro Mod driver. Added new property of "Read Anyway" to program area.

Fixed adding 2nd Bristol Babcock BSAP device causing Modular Controller to reboot.

Updates: Added access to BACnet MS/TP Slave MAC and Device ID's from panel.

Added limitation of Data Log names to 8 Characters. Added multiple CPU access to Mitsubishi Q series TCP/IP driver.

with Arial Font Fixed L5K V2.00 driver failing to reconnect to device Fixed large database causing unit to reboot Fixed new option to sort Alarm Viewer that changed default behavior Fixed Sandisk CF card not being recognized Fixed SMAnet driver not working with Sunny Boy model SB 7000US Fixed Smart Duplicate Fixed SNMP traps not being sent Fixed Yaskawa Series 7 driver not functioning on Graphite models Updates: Fixed virtual ports not functioning on Graphite HMI models Updates: Fixed display flickering seen in Graphite G07 models Updates: Fixed alignment display defect in Kadet 2 HMIs Fixed defective color rendering in Kadet 2 HMIs Updates: Added ability of Boulder Windpower CAN driver to send 0-8 bytes of data Added ability of Modbus slave drivers to receive broadcast messages Added ability of N-Tron® driver to work with additional protocol version Added ability to sort alarm list by newest first Added access to EM memory in Omron FINS Master driver Added driver for ABB Totalflow G4 Added driver for Yamaha TS-X Added error notice when database conversion configures both modes of single Kadet port Added extended format control to As Text R64With Format user function Fixed "Verify" not working with CSSG module Fixed AB Native Tags Driver not reading correct data Fixed As Text R64 not working with N-View™ driver Fixed BACnet UDP/IP slave not sending unsolicited i-am Fixed cell modem drivers causing Graphite units to reboot Fixed crash caused by Edit/Undo of deleting driver from port after database conversion Fixed emulator crashing in Kadet 2 and Graphite databases Fixed flag tags not disconnecting from module outputs Fixed Graphite trend buffer being limited to 5 minutes Fixed grid not showing within configuration on some PCs Fixed L5K 2.0 mapping of real tags being treated as integers Fixed L5K pre-defined type inconsistencies Fixed Modular Controller not initializing module unless data being accessed Fixed N-View driver reporting incorrect values Fixed Omron FINS Ethernet driver failing to communicate if PLC has I/O fault Fixed OPCWorx not honoring tag's "Implied" type Fixed PPP and Modem Server causing crash or restart of Graphite units Fixed SMS via GSM Modem causing crash or restart of Graphite units Fixed System Variable (i) not being recognized by flag triggers Fixed tag names being altered after drag and drop action Fixed vertical and horizontal bars not including SP in comms scan unless SP tag is on screen Fixed vertical and horizontal bars not showing SP line unless data source is writeable Fixed Yamaha driver not writing to PN register correctly Updates: Fixed G306A touch screen failure-to-start Fixed G307K2 comms failure with AB Control Logix systems Fixed Graphite models occasionally staying in boot-loader mode during startup Updates: Added ability to use cameras with Graphite models Added improved Graphite performance Added USB mouse support Fixed CF image not working properly on PTV Fixed converting Graphite to MC not maintaining correct modules Fixed entering a count of one in Scatter Graph Properties causing crash Fixed Galil driver overwriting user-entered data with a zero Fixed generic 29-bit CAN driver reading incorrect data Fixed Merge Audio having no pitch Fixed missing rop codes in Bit Blt Fixed PDF viewer not working on Graphite models Fixed PNG images being inverted on Graphite models Fixed Print Screen To File 8bit displaying images upside down on graphite models Fixed PTV not displaying BMP images properly Fixed software exception when mounting CF card on PTV Updates: Fixed touch calibration failure in Graphite HMI models Updates: Added support for Graphite HMI series Updates: Added driver for Omni Flow Computer Updates: Added function to force SQL sync Added improved speed of FTP feature Added increase in resolution of SQL sync period to minutes Added increased number of TCP ports available in ROC Protocol Enhanced driver Fixed ability to save inverted triangles Fixed Alstom GEM80 JK slave not responding Fixed data jumping between tags using the Native Tags via L5K File driver Fixed database download problem caused by Allen Bradley native tags driver Fixed entered value getting changed in Yaskawa TCP/IP MP2000iec driver Fixed FTP of large file over cell modem failing Fixed G307K2 crashing when quick plot primitive is full Fixed G315 TCP buffer overflow causing GMC 24-2000-E0BA-3418 Fixed import of L5K file causing Crimson to stop responding Fixed inability to disable remote control Fixed inability to use both ports of XCRS expansion card Fixed incorrect operator precedence Fixed Modbus TCP/IP master incorrectly closing socket Fixed PDF Viewer skewing colors Fixed secure log showing name of last logged-in user Fixed SQL Sync failing when logs don't use comma delimiters Fixed TCP send window size management Fixed trend viewer causing G306 to power-cycle Fixed using Tag. Fixed Dev Ctrl not returning Fall Back IP Address for Modbus TCP device. Fixed Downloading Via Verify not prompting for untranslated programs.

As Text in event name not refreshing value Updates: Fixed ghosting of screen image on G307K2 Updates: Added Verification of File Transfer Completion Updates: Fixed Stalling Communications in G304K2 and G307K2 Units Updates: Added Dev Ctrl Function to Switch Between Primary and Fallback IPs for Siemens S7-300/400 Driver Added Enhancements to L5K Driver Performance Fixed G304K2 Kadet 2 RS485 Aux & Comms Not Functional with RLC Instrument Driver Fixed G306K Retentive Memory Loss Updates: Added Boulder Wind Power CAN driver Added Dev Ctrl support to Beta Laser Mike LS UDP driver Added drivers for Beta Laser Mike LS4000 & LS8000 Added generic 29-bit identifier CAN driver Added increase of 60 seconds to device comms delay Added N-Tron N-View support Added support for new CSMSTRZR and DSPZR models Fixed Beta Laser Mike LS driver reporting Outputs: Analog Full Scale as a Real Fixed converted database causing crash when modules selected Fixed CSPID internal values being altered by program Fixed database not loading into G315 Fixed DH485 driver not starting comms after power cycle on G304K2 Fixed Ether Net/IP driver not working with offset greater than zero Fixed LG Master-K driver not functioning on Kadet models Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver adding incorrect character Fixed Smart Duplicate incrementing word but not bit number Fixed tag mappings getting corrupted when converting from G304K to G315 Updates: Fixed DF1 Master via PCCC/EIP driver causing reboot Updates: Added ability to pass tag metadata to BACnet client Added driver for CANopen PDO Slave Added driver for Cognex Cameras Added driver for IFM Efector Dualis Object Recognition Sensor Added driver for Microscan Hawk Added driver for PPT VISION Smart Camera Added Enhanced Emerson Process ROC driver Added option for comms to CPU in a different rack via L5K driver Fixed AS511 not able to read or write MW and the I/O Fixed auto-translation failing Fixed Banner i Vu image not displaying on DSP or PTV Fixed Banner Presence Plus P4 image colors and size off using PTV Fixed Beckhoff driver not working on G306K Fixed camera primitive image timing out after roughly 2 seconds Fixed cause of error code GMC 2E-4000-75DC-3484 Fixed config not running in Spanish Fixed Crimson crashing at various points when running in Spanish Fixed Crimson crashing when copying mapped flag tags into a new database that does not have the PLC set up in comms first Fixed database crashing Crimson when you view data tags Fixed deleting devices or drivers with flag tags mapped crashing Crimson Fixed disabling Mail Manager with tags set to E-mail-On-Alarm causing reboot Fixed downloading converted database causing display/download failure in Kadets Fixed Event Viewer stopping to refresh and not deleting older events Fixed G307K2 runtime clock losing time Fixed getting fault code 22-0000-0017-3418 without data logging enabled Fixed Get Version Info always returning zero for Argument 3 Fixed Giddings and Lewis driver causing C3 to stop responding Fixed inability to create arrays in CANopen SDO Master Fixed inability to edit array elements from custom or data-only web page Fixed inability to verify database when native tags driver in use Fixed Keep-Alive behavior Fixed Modbus ASCII Slave Driver performance issue Fixed PID values not being retained after power cycle Fixed Read Data() function not working correctly for string tags when mapped to Modbus Fixed RS485 port appearing dead with a given database Fixed Show Visible property on Trend View Objects not working with Expressions Fixed Spanish Windows crashing when Page Properties is selected Fixed viewing of Kadet tags on-line causing unit to reboot w/o GMC Updates: Fixed inability to download database which includes native tag addressing. Fixed flag tags not showing PLC address in bit selection. Updates: Fixed database causing unit to reboot every three hours. Fixed L5K driver writes incorrectly formatted value. Fixed Product TVity Station intermittent backplane communication. Fixed inability to communicate to Control Logix through EN2T card. Fixed Produc TVity Station doesn't honor transparency. Fixed Prof Error in range of 328-655° causing profile to enter auto hold in CSPID2 module. Fixed XCENET card locking up with heavy network traffic. Fixed Adam 4000 series modules driver Kadet support. Fixed Applied Motion parse bug and increased register range.