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When you’ve been with someone for a long time, the odds are good that your finances are tightly entangled with theirs and it can be difficult to separate them enough to make a clean getaway.

But even these statistics are somewhat in question.It’s incredibly difficult – even more so than with women – to get accurate statistics on how many men have been abused by their partners. It can be difficult for a man to find someone willing to believe that they’re a victim of abuse.Sometimes it means teaching men how to help themselves… Which is why I want to talk about a subject we don’t hear much about: when find themselves trapped in abusive relationships.In a lot of ways, men are frequently invisible victims of relationship abuse. The image of the angry housewife – usually fat and unattractive – waiting for at home for her milquetoast husband with curlers in her hair and a rolling pin, ready to dispense retributory violence for some slight, has been around for But despite the jokes and cartoons about “henpecked husbands”, more men than many would expect are trapped in abusive relationships.So with all that said: I write a lot about men behaving badly.

In fact, I’m regularly accused – with some accuracy – of being much harder on men than I am on women.

Many people stay in abusive relationships because they have no way of leaving without taking a beloved pet with them; the abusive partner may threaten them or take out their anger on the innocents they were forced to leave behind.

It gets even complicated if there are children involved.

As is frequently the case with male victims of rape, male victims of domestic abuse are often told it’s “not that bad” or that they “must be ok with it”; after all, they could always defend themselves against the “little lady”, right?

And if the victim happens to be gay, bisexual or trans…

Some may stay because they fear being accused of being the villain in the piece.