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All nicely framed An original 41cm x 30cm Commission document of 16.4.1912 to 2nd Lt. on 14.1.1915 from Field Marshall Sir John French and signed by Winston Churchill. The following are some general images of some of our stock. These range from Central India, Crimea, Boer War WW1 and WW2. This is an original and scarce wood box dated 12/42 which contained 10 x WW2 American M9A1 anti-tank rifle grenades for the M1 Garand rifle. These were the standard US A/T rifle grenade capable of penetrating 2 inches of armour.

BO 2 A 25cm x 19cm letter on a crested Buckingham Palace letter, written and signed by King George the Fifth in 1918, welcoming home a P. Over the next few weeks we will list individual fuzes with prices. There are 33 individual Battle honours listed in 2 panels (a sample of which are illustrated). They were painted yellow until 1943 then olive drab, on the front it also says ' olive Drab Re-Painted'.

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Complete with hinged plastic visor, all air hoile covers and has markings at the rear, BA, over, C. This is a rare opportunity to purchase an original packet of 25 inert drill pistol rounds / ammunition for the Tokarev semi auto pistol. A Portuguese M/968 Commando / Airborne 60mm mortar in its transit case with tool. Pistols made here are stamped on the left side as follows: ESK ZBROJOVKA - PRAHA. The price includes the deactivation certificate and UK delivery. 141 of the collectors guide to air pistols by Hillier's). Cast boldly in the Left side of the weapon's body is the manufacturer's legend and date of manufacture together with model number, calibre and serial number [ D2778] (illustrated). As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions on delivery imposed by the Crime Reduction Bill apply. Sn 6155 This is a very good original condition WW2 , G.1.Inside it has its moulded, padded liner with all chinstraps and cup. There are both brass cased ( 2 only boxes remain.) and lacquered steel cased rounds in mint condition in their original packets. they are size 17, for women 5' 9" to 5' 10", Waist 26" to 28" and hips 38" to 40". It consists of a 2 part screw together steel hollow cylinderical body which still contains its fragmentation sleeve now split into sections. Original WW2 US 75-mm Rifle M20 Field Manual dated 1948, this manual covers the 75-mm Rifle M20 and gives instruction on its mechanical training, the placing of the gun in action, marksmanship and firing techniques. The mortar is designed to be fired by holding in the hands in a vertical position whilst standing on the sturdy leather strap at the appropriate point as designated by the series of brass distance plaques. Forward of this was marked the traditional company emblem. ( Sn D 1037) A quality example of a fully working Predom (Model 170) .177" calibre Air Pistol made by Predom Lucznik, Poland in 1976. This is a great example of an increasingly scarce air pistol. Four pocket tunic dated 1941 to a Sergeant in the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery. D was made by the 'Superior Clothing Company' dated January 14th 1941 ( label illustrated) and is size 38L.It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy. A superb piece of Cold War armament and the Ultimate in fuze collecting. An original 23rd July 1941 War Department Basic Field Manual, Soldiers Handbook with amendments upto the end of 1942. Never designed to have a badge fitted and has no holes to receive one. It is fully illustrated and in excellent condition. Original red cloth cover with gold tooled lettering. Original HMSO National Service pamphlet dated 1939, this is a guide to voluntary national Service with a message from the Prime Minister and a forward by the Rt Hon. It is in good condition and the price includes UK delivery. 'The Uniforms and History of the Scottish Regiments' By Major R. Price for this attractive rare item includes UK delivery. In the cramped confines of their combat conditions, WW2 US Air Corps, Fighter and Bomber Pilot's together with Air Crew often found comfort in having mementos of their loved ones onboard their Aircraft.A very nice condition WW2 brown leather flying jacket of either British or American manufacture. Rose top (now loose)Inside it has a Christ's leather sweatband in size 7 1/8. Part of a large collection purchased from Chorley Police Station. A very nice quality Police Kepi cap of a Paris Police Bandsman. 'A History of the Regiments & Uniforms of the British Army' By Major R. This book consists of 335 pages, the book has red cloth covers. Money Barnes in collaboration with Allen, Volume 2, from 1625 to the present day, dated 1960. A very nice Assistant Divisional Officers white Fire Helmet in hard moulded plastic to the Belfast Fire Brigade with a Bakelite white star badge with the red hand of Ulster, worn only 1948-19150. It became popular for Pilot's and Aircrew to have custom made, colourful decorative loose cushion covers with images, slogans and sometimes poems dedicated to Wives, Family, and Girlfriends, fitted to their seat pads/cushions (some types of seat cushion were also attached to their parachute which would be housed in a recess beneath their seat).These are ideal to display with your deactivated pistol. It was given to Foreign Government representitives to promote the 37mm Hotchkiss Gun. This rare shell has two weep holes in the projectile for the magnesium filling to burn out and its original brass fuze. The nose plate unscrews from the nose weight and the tail section is present. Printed in 1972 it has never been reprinted and is the only comprehensive book listing all British Artillery with images, ammunition, lists of fuses, cases and colour codes used during WW1. Complete with its original dust cover it has 255 pages, hundreds of plates and is printed on quality paper. These are scarce books and copies in this condition are hard top find. Selection of 100% guaranteed original British Army Cap Badges. We do NOT sell knowingly any restrikes or fakes, money back guarantee. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Range Courses (War), For all units at home other than Royal Armoured Corps, Air Defence GB and OCTU, 1942. All on their original ribbons, gilt crossed swords emblem & hanging pin and backing. This manual is packed with information on Launcher controls, sighting equipement, operation, ammunition, preparatory marksmanship training, maintenance and range practice. This is the official American War Department Manual issued in 1940 which covers all aspects of the equipement, training, use and ammunition for this weapon. Price includes UK delivery This is the official American War Department Manual issued in 1955 covering all WW 2 matters, which covers all aspects of classification, identification, care, use, storage, packing and marking and destruction to prevent enemy use of demolition materials. An original British HMSO Manual Supplement No 1 on Small Arms Training, covering the No. Excellent condition with deactivation certificate and free delivery included. It has its original 9 diagonal grooved grips and a steel crossguard. the side flaps can be undone and lowered and fastened under the chin. Included are Signals, Artillery, Fusiliers Guards Regiment Princess Irene, Ant-Aircraft, Supply Corps, Infantry Regiment Chasse, Infantry Regiment Nulli Cedo, Infantry Regiment Stoottroepen, Infantry Regiment Menno van Coehoorn, Engineers and Medical Corps. This Regiment fought in North Africa, Italy and Germany eventually capturing the Berchtesgarden. The US Air Corps became the US Army Air Force (USAAF) in June 1941.

Batches of 10 rounds can be purchased at 30 incl postage. The case has the Ministry of Finance silver plaque near the base and the base itself is stamped, Societe Francaise des Munitions, Paris. This lot includes, Household cavalry, 3DG all brass, 3DG silver, 6DG all brass, 7DG all brass, 5Lancers all brass, 12 lancers all brass, 12 Lancers and many more. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Application of Fire 1942. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. It is fully illustrated throughout and also has pull out update. An original manual, illustrated throughout, which has hardly been opened, in excellent condition. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering The Machine Carbine , dated 1944. Sn 1295 A very nice white painted high crown Brodie Pattern helmet with a transfer to the front of a red Maltese cross within in a white triangle all in a blue circle. It has a 5.75" single edged blade tapering to a dagger point. Inside it has its original sewn in label showing its fron the Phila. All in excellent condition and price includes UK delivery. This is a fine original jacket to a fighting Regiment. Most early flight helmets used R-14 radio receivers while the helmets post 1943 used ANB-H-1 receivers which fitted perfectly into Harvard design ear cushions. This is a good condition, original WW2, US Army Air Forces, Pilot's parachute cushion.Meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please ask. This is a magnificent item, unique and specific to the 17th/21st lancers. This box contained 10 grenades and the propelling cartridges. The inside of the lid, illustrated, also has handling instructions. It is made from Brass with an alloy cap and has a time ring which indicates that it could be used between 7 and 25 seconds before detonation.We have a good selection of WW2 period Aircraft cannon rounds, both British and German. The inner separators are missing and the swivel catch on the lid. This is a nice original inert fuse in great condition. O 714 An original 34" x 25" WW2 Japanese 'Occupation' Flag in good condition.It has a broad black & a narrow black rank stripe and inside has its original removable leather liner and chinstrap. ( 1783 ) Original HMSO Handbook, Air Raid Precautions, Handbook No 1, Personal Protection Against Gas, dated 1938. Within the Corps logo is a poem headed 'Mother' in gold lettering (illustrated).Manufacturers stamp in the helmet, "Small, upto 6 7/8". This handbook is book No1 of 8 handbooks and covers all aspects of safeguarding the civil population against air attacks where gas is used. Emblazoned in bold lettering at the top of the cover is 'U.A nice wooden single British Military Aircraft propellor, which is 4 feet long and painted brown at the tip. 47cm x 33cm framed photograph and 2 silk memorium bookmarks to the Whitfield family. A HMSO Small Arms Training pamphlet, Volume 1, Pamphlet No.