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I find it strange how few of those MPs complained when the same process was used to enact European laws and regulations Are you worried about Henry VIII powers? Is secondary legislation now the number one talking point at the school gate? These obscure parliamentary terms are increasingly being discussed and debated by people who don’t spend their working lives in the gently crumbling beauty that is the Palace of Westminster.

The recent debate about Henry VIII powers goes to the heart of this issue as does the amount of power wielded by appointed EU Commissioners.Opposition MPs have cried foul, saying that the EU (Withdrawal) Bill lets ministers create laws without votes in Parliament.This is a hugely important and welcome change because many of those topics go to the heart of what kind of country we are, want to be and may become.I keep hearing that trust in politicians is at an all-time low, (I’m not sure about that, historic records show we’ve always been hated) and we need to look at ways to address that mistrust.Alternatively,you would do well to consider "Stay Dry Rainwear".

They stock excellent,low-priced nylon macs,in both navy and black.

Just "follow the yellow-brick road", and let us know how you fare. Some months ago, on a very hot afternoon, I took some selfies of me in one of my navy Stay-Dry nylon macs, and these are on display on my Flickr site.

The sun was so vivid, the mac appeared almost ROYAL BLUE!

They have both zips and popper fastening and attached hoods. But today I had a beautiful sighting-an authentic navy blue nylon mac, pulsating with the wearer's every move. Didn't get chance to speak, so there was no liaison, but plenty of inspiration!

The seams and general workmanship are, admittedly, a little crude, compared with Pakamac's excellent standards, but they are beautifully relaxing and comfortable to wear. Of course,if you are like myself and my fellow enthusiasts,you will probably try both routes! As for Isobel, she still remains my ultimate waterproof pin-up.

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