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Like, in this scene she didn't understand why they wouldn't just leave a captured Lydia behind.And Malia even admitted that if she were still a coyote she'd consider straight-up eating Lydia before abandoning her. I mean, she spent what, ten years as a wild animal in the woods? Like, yeah, as a human Malia is gorgeous and clever, but it's such a funny backstory that she used to be a full-time COYOTE and I hope this season plays with this joke way more.

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Because "The Dark Moon" was a VERY fun prologue to what's looking like a very entertaining new chapter. I don't know why anybody would want to build a small Mexican town on top of a forbidding, untraversable mesa, let alone a CGI town, but here we were!

(You could tell it was Mexico because everything was yellow.)Stiles and Lydia were clearly on a mission, so that's why they talked about being on a mission for a few minutes.

I am here to tell you that all GOOD works of entertainment need to grow and change, and for the viewer to cling to a first impression out of some kind of nostalgia is not only misguided, it's a shame. It's one thing to reminisce about the old days, but to outright reject new things because you miss the olden times is a depressing form of nihilism.

To put this in more specific Teen Wolf terms, MALIA IS AMAZING.

Also, it should be pointed out that she and Stiles have really good chemistry.

After she admitted she'd eat Lydia, his line "this is actually progress" legit cracked me up.

Just two female hotties trying to blend in and stay low-profile by grinding up on each other in the club.

(I love the girl behind them giving them the side-eye.) And you know what?

Giving each season a different international spin is a fantastic idea, and while Allison (and Isaac!

) will never be replaced, the newer characters have so much to add to the lore that is this beautiful, frightening, shirtless monster saga. Let's appreciate the old but have fun with the new.

Also Jeff Davis' card has a cactus on it so I guess this season will officially have muy caliente Southwest flava?