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Although these criticisms are directed toward the cultural, political, and social systems of the Asian country and not at the adoptees themselves or their American adoptive parents, this gender imbalance continues to be a point of controversy for all parties involved in the adoption process.

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But in doing so, many adoptive parents do not distinguish the difference between Asian and Asian American.This is actually quite common among Asian American in general -- that many are assumed to be foreigners, even if we were born or raised here in the U. The other secondary result of the colorblind approach was to frame their child as an "Honorary White".Within this colorblind approach, there were often two secondary results.The first was conflating Asian & Asian American -- sometimes adoptive parents would occasionally expose their child to Asian culture that might include language classes, going to Asian restaurants, cultural events and activities in their communities, books and other media from or about their country of origin, and even involvement in adoption groups or camps where their children can interact and socialize with other Asian adoptees.They found that parents dealt with the racial differences between themselves and their children by using one of three approaches: This third approach was the most commonly used one.

Within this colorblind approach, many adoptive parents consciously or unconsciously feared that acknowledging racial differences might interfere with the process of integrating their child into their family and their community.

In addition to worsening conditions within each Asian country, many of these governments began to streamline their adoption procedures to make it easier for overseas families to adopt children in their countries.

While comprehensive statistics on Asian adoptees are very difficult to find, the most accurate information comes from the U. Department of State, who keeps track of all immigration visas issued to orphans, which are required for international adoptions.

After a disastrous first flight that crashed shortly after takeoff and killed 154 children and adults on board, several planeloads of Vietnamese children eventually landed in the U. and were adopted into predominantly White families.

Also during the 1970s, adoptions from other Asian countries such as China, South Korea, the Philippines, and India began accelerating.

In this regard, the issues can become rather complicated.