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Resolve errors when you publish tasks to Team Foundation Server.

A data validation error occurs if you define a value that violates a rule that is defined for the work item type that is associated with the task.

Review deliverables, define tasks, and estimate work.

As a project manager, you can manage your project by using one or a combination of the following three methods: Important This topic applies to Microsoft Project Professional 2007, Project Professional 2010, or Project Professional 2013 from a client computer that has Visual Studio 2013 installed.

Also, the integration of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 and Project Server must be configured.

If you upgrade to TFS 2017 or want to use a third party option, see Synchronize TFS with Project Server.

Project managers and software development teams can use the tools they prefer, work at the granularity that supports their needs, and share information transparently between Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Project Server.

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You and the PMO can view schedules, progress on user stories, and rollup of resources. If you suspect that the synchronization engine is not working as expected, you should verify how specific fields are updated.

The data type of the affected field or fields, the attribute for mapping fields, and the task hierarchy affect how the synchronization engine updates specific fields.

Until you resubmit the update, the work item can no longer participate in data synchronization.