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Post session debriefing is conducted to clarify feelings, outcomes and ground the client, assuring they are safe to leave and integrate with the outside world (always highly recommending they have prepared for free time to allow the feelings some space for processing as often there is a ‘body orgasmic’ euphoric state of being, or a mental recognition of patterns that have become problematic and require further investigation.) All sessions are conducted clothed, touch is minimal and always consensual.This program is highly suited for both men and women seeking to awaken and/or expand upon their own psycho-spiritual, sexual and energetic transformation.

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All Tantric Lounge workshops are held upstairs at The Egg of the Universe yoga studio, 711 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney.There is a large and a small studio - the Intro and Men's are held in the small studio, the Couples, Women's and Open are held in the large studio.Every time there is a different theme, so you can continye to explore and learn over time."“It is beautiful how each activity builds on the previous one like blocks, so that by the end of the evening we are engaging in the most divine magical experiences that we could never have got to otherwise!Numbers are limited to enable me to hold a deep space for participants.

It’s vital in this work that the facilitator’s energy stays strong and connected to each participant.

The trained practitioner offers an introductory conversation to prepare clients for what may unfold during the process of relaxation into surrender (a state of non-ego as having expectations are generally associated with attachment to outcomes).

There are 5 keys to tantric relational practices which include energy activation – not specifically arousal through genital stimulation, nor is pleasure the only goal.

”" The activities and discussions at the Tantric Lounge are designed to cultivate you to become the kind of person who can live La Vida Tantrika (the Tantric Life) and as part of that fully embrace your sexuality and use it for personal and spiritual growth.

There are five different Lounges held over one weekend every three months: The Lounge is open to individuals and couples.

Cost: per person When: 7.30-10pm Friday Who: For couples only.