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Greg thanks her, and the Gems return with the boxes to the temple, while he and Steven close the empty storage unit.

A: Gem Glow • Laser Light Cannon • Cheeseburger Backpack • Together Breakfast • Frybo • Cat Fingers • Bubble Buddies • Serious Steven • Tiger Millionaire • Steven's Lion • Arcade Mania • Giant Woman • So Many Birthdays • Lars and the Cool Kids • Onion Trade • Steven the Sword Fighter • Lion 2: The Movie • Beach Party • Rose's Room • Coach Steven • Joking Victim • Steven and the Stevens • Monster Buddies • An Indirect Kiss • Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem B: House Guest • Space Race • Secret Team • Island Adventure • Keep Beach City Weird • Fusion Cuisine • Garnet's Universe • Watermelon Steven • Lion 3: Straight to Video • Warp Tour • Alone Together • The Test • Future Vision • On the Run • Horror Club • Winter Forecast • Maximum Capacity • Marble Madness • Rose's Scabbard • Open Book • Shirt Club • Story for Steven • The Message • Political Power • The Return/Jail Break Full Disclosure • Joy Ride • Say Uncle • Love Letters • Reformed • Sworn to the Sword • Rising Tides, Crashing Skies • Keeping It Together • We Need to Talk • Chille Tid • Cry for Help • Keystone Motel • Onion Friend • Historical Friction • Friend Ship • Nightmare Hospital • Sadie's Song • Catch and Release • When It Rains • Back to the Barn • Too Far • The Answer • Steven's Birthday • It Could've Been Great/Message Received • Log Date 7 15 2 Super Watermelon Island/Gem Drill • Same Old World • Barn Mates • Hit the Diamond • Steven Floats • Drop Beat Dad • Mr.

A Cartoon Network representative confirmed to Polygon that the episodes will be available on the app from Nov.

10 through to the show’s premiere on television, though they could not give further details on when in December the show would air. Earlier this year, five episodes appeared and disappeared on the app so quickly and with so little explanation from Cartoon Network that they were roundly assumed to have been leaked.

Greg agrees, puts in the tape, and the intro for Li'l Butler rolls.

Steven wants to get back to cleaning, but Greg doesn't, and stays with Amethyst to keep watching.Amethyst notices that Greg has some good stuff inside of the U-Stor, but her discovery is interrupted when Steven notices that Greg has lots of books available.Greg lets him keep all of the books except for one named "Passions of Xanxor", saying that he can read it when he is a little bit six months, but Cartoon Network just gave the heads up on when new episodes will be revealed.The official Twitter account of the Cartoon Network PR team tweeted out a new trailer for the batch of episodes with the news: Six new episodes will hit the Cartoon Network app next week, on Nov. The episodes will air on Cartoon Network “beginning in December,” according to a Cartoon Network press release.Greg • Too Short to Ride • The New Lars • Beach City Drift • Restaurant Wars • Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service • Monster Reunion • Alone at Sea • Greg the Babysitter • Gem Hunt • Crack the Whip • Steven vs.