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“It's probably not a good idea to talk about your exes too much on a first date,” she warned.

The bartender is on the show with his boyfriend Murray Swanby, who works as one of the club's VIP hosts.

Viewers will see their relationship being tested and Cory has revealed his best bit of advice for others in his situation.

Reese is happy with her love life at the moment, and has dished some advice on how to succeed in a new romance.

According to the star, who was previously in a relationship with hunky actor Jake Gyllenhaal and has two children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, one of the worst things a girl can do on a romantic rendezvous is discuss previous relationships.

He tells us: "If I could tell someone how to deal with dating a co-worker I'd say don't do it, because it's hard."Especially if you've been fighting all day and then you have to work together, then go home together." But now the world is getting a look into their love life, Cory admits things are on the up."It's working out to my benefit," he tells us, "because he's seeing how he acts on TV through another person's eyes, so he's kind of getting better."Everyone has doubts about how real reality television is, but Cory says: "Honestly, there is nothing scripted."When you put liqueur in a room, things are gonna happen." The aspiring actor jumped at the chance to appear on the show and is one of 11 cast members, despite him telling us: "There's like over 200 people employed and I don't even know half of them, it's crazy."He adds: "I thought the show would be good exposure because I want to get into acting."A lot of people say that reality shuts the door to acting.

I feel like it actually opens the door because it gives you more opportunity and contact with the right people." With a long list of celebrity clientele, he's definitely right, but working behind the bar means he doesn't often get the chance to meet the high profile guests.Go to Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler (1892-1953), an influential philosopher and dean of students at the Ponovezh Yeshiva in Israel.Rabbi Dessler was born in Lithuania and later moved to England, before finally settling in Israel.Cory says: "I'm behind the bar and they normally don't come to the bar to get a drink, they're mostly at a table."But about two and a half years ago, before I even worked at The Abbey, Taylor Lautner was there and I was about five feet away from him but I was too scared to go to him and say, 'Hi, can I have a picture?'"What Happens At The Abbey starts on May 26 at 10pm on E! A post shared by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on The actress said even now she still calls her mother once a month “in hysterical tears, going, ‘I’m not equipped to deal with this!