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This is a well finished conversion and Danbury's 40 staff add genuine craft.The interior panels are marine plywood for light weight and longevity, and they fit firmly in place. You can specify a proper rack-and-pinion steering system for £1,199 or even power assistance (£3,500) and both are useful improvements.Fitted out like an aircraft, with its powered rising roof, but the sliding door is on the wrong side. Volkswagen Type 2 Split window 1954-1967 Price from £20,000 The original Type 2 and undeniably good looking, but sky's-the-limit pricing and questionable personalised restorations put many off.

Even with the old four-speed gearbox it delivers 35-40mpg (on petrol) and a genuine 80mph.

There are three basic trims - Diamond, Amigo and Rio - but you can specify just about anything: a king-size bed and five seats, a queen-sized bed and seven seats, a loo, extra beds, cookers, fridges, grilles, television sets, heaters, curtains and zany upholstery.

This is life on the road, an old-school Kombi with a bay windscreen and what looks like a spare tyre on the front.

The one I'm driving, though, is a brand new, Brazilian-built Kombi, in right-hand drive, with a modern, water-cooled, 80bhp engine capable of running on petrol or E85 ethanol.

And as the water-cooled VW Polo 1.4 engine works on both biofuel and unleaded petrol, you won't compromise your eco-credentials.

When the opportunity to test-drive one came along I grabbed my board and headed to the Bristol factory. A gleaming turquoise beauty, she was my ticket to ultimate kudos on the Devon coast. More like guiding a boat, the giant steering wheel is heavy (no power-assist here) and responds with only a vague approximation of what you ask it to do.But with little change from £22,000 for even the most basic model, it will be a while before I can join the queue. It's a home-from-home that retains its cool, even after 60 years.You feel as though you need to turn into corners before you've got to them, although the views out are brilliant.The T2 romps rather than rides, but it is comfortable, predictable at normal speeds and after half an hour behind the wheel you're an expert.Our mission is to improve the health of every person we serve through the efficient delivery of excellent, innovative and compassionate care.