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Our customers are currently based in Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and each customer has their own specific market requirements.

This location was selected because of the availability of water, sunlight, ready labour, natural gas and proximity to the capsicum export markets of America and Canada.Southern Paprika is focused on production with the aim of being the most reliable supplier of what we produce.To prepare: Make sure not to cut the pepper in half—just slice through one side.Turn the pepper on its side and cut along the inside, removing the seeds and thin whitish ribs (also called 'membranes').This ensures our highest priority is producing a truly premium capsicums year around.

In addition to only one product being grown we are sited at one geographic point which offers ongoing economic benefit to our customers in efficient logistical output and delivery.If the ribs do not come out easily, use a paring knife to remove them.To stuff a capsicum, cut the stem off and remove the seeds from the top, otherwise it’s easier to cut the capsicum in half first.1.3 million tonnes is harvested in annually just in Europe.China is the world's largest capsicum producer, followed by Mexico and Indonesia Capsicums are essentially seed pods.We have specialised in Capsicums and continue to see this as our core crop as we are now one of New Zealand’s largest capsicum growers.