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On October 12, 2000, a small boat laden with explosives approached the USS Cole and exploded, blowing a hole in the vessel and killing 17 American sailors.

Since this incident, the Navy has developed an “acoustical cannon” that works by generating extreme noise capable of causing deafness and headaches. Research on the use of sonic weapons has tailed off in recent years as it is widely viewed as a waste of research funds and a dead end.

The literature on mass hysteria is filled with reports of so-called “sick buildings” where some harmful agent is blamed for a mysterious illness outbreak, most commonly in schools and factories.However, once the premises are tested, the results are negative.This could be done without violating privacy laws by redacting the names and identifying information about the “victims.” How many diplomats are suffering from hearing loss, and is it partial or total? Is it one case or 17—and if it is the latter, why haven’t they said so in order to convince a skeptical media?There may very well be a small number of personnel who are experiencing health issues that are unrelated to either psychogenic illness or a sonic weapon.The most comprehensive study of sonic weapons to date, was conducted by Drs. They state that based on the laws of physics, “it seems unlikely that high-intensity acoustic energy in the audible, infrasonic, or low-frequency range can provide a device suitable for use as a nonlethal weapon.” Furthermore, even if such a weapon were developed, it could not possibly cause the symptoms that are being reported in Cuba.

Sonic weapons may work for James Bond, but they are impractical in the real world, with one major exception: blasting loud noises.Cuban President Raúl Castro vehemently denies any involvement in the “attacks” and has taken the extraordinary step of inviting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to travel to Cuba and conduct their own investigation..To those who are unfamiliar with the capabilities of sonic weaponry, the claims may sound ominous—and very real.It is thus the perfect stand-in for a Cold War-style cunning enemy, who is surely out there, doing something, even though we can never seem to pin him down.t’s the stuff of spy novels and science fiction films.For starters, there is no concrete evidence of an attack.