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It may be regularly used, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely offensive and deeply homophobic.

It just means that homophobia is a casual part of Irish culture.

This is pretty insulting to people who lost family members and friends while campaigning during the referendum, and the people who were spat on in the street and abused while walking from door to door begging their neighbours to grant them basic rights.

Someone with the password for an account is free to access characters, inventory, and all other aspects of your account information.

If someone logs into an account using the valid password, changes made to the characters or account information may not be reversible, nor is TQ liable for any damage that occurs.

Had it not been for Kevin Spacey, Mc Gregor would have won ‘Worst Celeb Apology of the Week’ for this one.

The MMA fighter begins by inexplicably talking about something he calls ‘brain health’ before attempting to justify his use of the word ‘faggot’.

Some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a name: -No racial/ethnic/national based epithets or slurs -No sexual or violent references or terms (extreme or otherwise) -No vulgar or obscene language.

-No harassing or defamatory references to players, TQ, or TQ employees.

-Promoting/advertising the buying or selling of items, accounts, and TQ Points for money or compensation outside the game.

-Should you incur any loss as a result of out of game trading or trading for real life money, TQ Digital is not responsible and will not support or investigate these transactions.

Players may be asked to provide specific information while an investigation for account theft is ongoing.

Sharing Accounts Your account is where your characters, game items, and any other data are stored.

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