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Voice over Internet Protocol, or Vo IP, separates your voice into small pieces, transmits it like an e-mail, then reconstitutes it for the person on the receiving end. tolls and fees that help make regular phone service as expensive as it is.

All the big companies have already jumped into Vo IP, avoiding the F. Some say it may be too late to stop Skype from becoming the broadband Ma Bell.

He shoves his trade-show nametag under cover of his suit coat.

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With their new program, Skype, all they want to do is commandeer all the phones in the world.

Equipped with boyish energy and one lazy eye each, the partners divide their days among London, Luxembourg, and subzero Estonia, where Skype rolls out—with very little overhead and without that Silicon Valley chatter.

Zennström and Friis played it coy, claiming that they merely wanted to allow consenting adults to share their collections with one another, and that they were already pursuing licensing agreements.

To be safe, they haven't touched down in America since 2002, preferring to limit any argument for jurisdiction.

Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis are the geek stars of "disruptive technology." First their file-sharing site, Kazaa, soared from Napster's ashes. But when you're the guys doing the changing, manners still count. Have a quick look around the café, where the dark-goggled figures are staring blanks into the light.

Now the Scandinavian team has plans to rewire the planet—wirelessly—with Skype. It's full sun in Cannes, February, with the sea at dignified ripple and the crêpe dealers yawning flecks of spit into the chocolate.Zennström and Friis believe they have cracked the code that will rewire the planet, wirelessly.The time for their Y meeting has arrived, and the two delegates march past the red Ferrari, parked flagrantly outside the door, and into the beach-street hotel.Simply, Skype is a virtually bug-free computer program that allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet anywhere in the world.Skype is not the only company of its type, nor was it the first.The bar here hangs sweaty with the sex reek of money rubbing together, the high clatter of capital bouncing off the four walls. "I'll be watching for you," says one teeth-showing suntan.