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Flashforward: Seven weeks later, Annalise, alone and slowly dying, attempts to answer her phone when Nate calls.As the four students run, they see a police car approach them and hide.

Meanwhile, Annalise sends Michaela to Caleb and Catherine to find out the truth about the accusations being made at the siblings.Nate's wife Nia asks Annalise to meet her and requests she do something for her.As they run out of the home, another dead body is on the ground.It is revealed to be the new DA on the Hapstall case, Emily Sinclair.Wes begins to act out in class, but after confronting Annalise about her suspicion of him, he apologizes.

Meanwhile, Annalise takes the case of Caleb and Catherine Hapstall, adult adopted siblings accused of murdering their wealthy parents.Annalise asks lawyer Eve Rothlo, later revealed to be Annalise's ex-lover, to take Nate's case, which she agrees on.Connor proves his commitment to Oliver by moving into his apartment, while Michaela attempts to contact "EGGS911", the person Rebecca texted, and she receives a return text.Annalise takes her students dancing after being reminded of her earlier days at law school with Eve.Annalise and her team are blindsided when investigators try to pin a new charge on the wealthy siblings she's been hired to represent.Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. You can change cookie preferences; continued site use signifies consent.