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Young like they're probably still driving their very first car.

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Besides, as a full-time working mom in her 30s, I don't have a ton of single people in my social network anymore.And as much as I don't feel ready for anything serious, I figured it would be nice to get out and have some fun.Besides, I have gotten older since my last stint in the virtual dating world, so it's only a natural progression, perhaps?Like my previous life in the online world, I still get contacted by the guy who could be my dad or grandfather for that matter — yuck!They message me, sweetly: I'm pretty sure that last one is simply code for we're more sexually aggressive in bed.

Coupling with a younger man just seems too Freudian; men missing their moms, perhaps?­­— but I wasn't quite prepared for the flurry of youngins who are banging on my door.The good news is more people of all types are online now.The last time I was single was over eight years ago.I had perused online dating sites before meeting my ex-husband and was never a huge fan.It wasn't god-awful, but I just felt it took too much work, the guys were too creepy or old for me, and I never felt compelled enough to go out on a ton of dates.