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My goodness, how time flies when you're having fun and looking at girls!I could scarcely believe it when I realised it's three months to the day since I last posted some 'Behind the Scenes' pictures from Only Tease! From today's pictures we learn (amongst other things) that Amy Green's Winston Churchill impression still needs a little work, that Chloe Toy really - no, really - doesn't like the cold, that the best place to be at parties is in the kitchen, that Tiffany Rose is still darned cute even when she's not got her boobs out, and that the best way to make a glamour model happy is to give her a decent plate of food!

Sweat releases endorphins, giving you a natural high.

"When I feel low, I hit the gym," says Jaime Sarrio, of Nashville.

New bikinis, boy shorts, or even basic briefs can make you feel special.

Food serves as a wonderful aphrodisiac, and whipping it up in the kitchen with your partner can make it that much sexier.

Light a scented candle in your den or break out those candlesticks for a romantic dinner.

Candlelight casts a warm, cozy glow over everything and everyone in the room and is so much more flattering than harsh lightbulbs.You will — literally and figuratively — see yourself in a new light.Joanne Rock, of Peru, NY, creates lustful playlists that remind her of when she was falling in love with her husband."It's fun to work closely together in tight quarters and taste food off each other's fingers and lips," Marx says.There are a million reasons to work out — lose weight, lower stress, and yes, boost your sexiness.And if you're very very lucky, she might just show you when you get back home...