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Gary is a legend on the Singapore gaming art scene having worked at King, Booster Pack, and Lucas Arts, as well as having drawn for Marvel, among others.

Gary creates the original concepts for the characters and environments in our games.

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An ex-competitive gamer, Abel previously worked at Nonstop Games (before and after the King acquisition) as well as a number of independent studios in Singapore.

Abel makes sure our games feel amazing, are fun to play and arrive on-time.

In essence, they have the same sort of format to a real-life simulator, like the Sims, but have taken it farther, hoping to embellish a totally virtual world that one can escape into, replete with graphics and sound that can engage all of the senses.

A lot of these worlds aren’t just about sex, though, even if that’s sort of the hopeful end.

And seemingly guiding the revolution, the sex industry has played a heavy role as well, in particular when it comes to VR sex games.

There have been a number of games out there in the past meant to initiate cybersex with others, but it has only been recently – in conjunction with such devices as the Oculus Rift DK1 and the Samsung Gear VR – that games have been able to utilize virtual reality to the highest magnitude.This seems to be what VR has opened up – unlike 2D pornography, in which there is a sort of unattached sentiment and a user is merely a spectator, the use of VR creates a more intimate and emotionally connective space, which lends itself to an even greater sort of sexual tension.And companies like Red Light Center seem to understand this on a very primal level.Saurabh has a long and varied career working for the likes of Jagex, King, and Pearson (Financial Times and Penguin Publishing), as well as having run his own games studio.Today, Saurabh ensures our game backends can support millions of users, seamlessly.And there is the ultimate dilemma, but one which can threaten the integrity of VR as a whole: there are quality and stimulating virtual reality experiences out there, that really take advantage of the technology, and can deliver hours of entertainment, but they ultimately end up costing more to participate in. In the VR porn industry, creating video content is probably one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities, requiring a constant turn-over of new material.