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We do, however, to some far extent, understand the urge that probably got over this man.Unfortunately, there’s no additional info available online about this whole ...

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"Sometimes young males, like the one in the study, do not have access to females in their social group as these are claimed by older males," said Pele. did not have access to females, but was very excited.

It took advantage of the presence of the doe." Snow monkeys and Sika deer live in close proximity at Yakushima -- the deer eat food the monkeys drop from the trees, and sometimes feed on their faeces.

Paris: Scientists on Tuesday revealed the "highly unusual" behaviour of a male monkey filmed trying to have sex with female deer in Japan -- a rare case of inter-species nookie.

Sex between animals from different species is uncommon, but exceptional cases are known to occur, chiefly in domesticated and captive animals, scientists reported in the journal Primates.

Without penetration, the young monkey makes sexual movements while riding on the does' backs on Japan's Yakushima Island.

On some occasions its impertinence was tolerated but at other times the deer bolted and ran.

Powers also answered another ad from a man named Joe, who was looking for a “very personal assistant.”He agreed to meet her at a diner in Tom’s River, N.

J.“You're a very attractive woman and I don't see why I wouldn’t want to spend time with you,” he told her.

Unfortunately for him, there was a surveillance camera on the premises that caught his ‘lovemaking’ acts red handed.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of Porsches too but if we were to degrade ourselves like that (which probably wouldn’t happen anyway), we’d make sure we do it with something a bit rarer than a Boxster.

We all love cars sometimes more than our girlfriends, but some people just take things too far.