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I would rather have a kid that has two parents rather than just be a single parent. 'If the child is loved and raised in the right way and has a good support network, then so be it. If you are in a good secure environment, then that's a fantastic environment for the child.'It was for England against Russia in 2009, where the keeper kicked the ball from her hands and I was almost on the half way line. But when you get to a certain age, there are more important things like having a child and raising it.I controlled the ball and I hit it back up and volleyed it back over her head. I knew she was off her line and then it was the strength and the power to get it back over her head.''We find out in a few weeks what sex it is going to be. 'Around 35 or 36, I thought, "When is a good time to do this?

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They have been trying to have a baby for several years.They decided that Smith would carry the child, partly because she is the younger of the two. It's quite private to me and it's my business and I haven't felt the need to say anything in interviews.'Ian Wright told me what a great career I'd had.'It's blown me away. It's not until you've finished that random people feel the need to get in touch.'They have said they have loved watching me play and that I played with such passion.A pathfinder for the English women's game, our first female professional player, our record international goalscorer, a player so bold and skilful she took your breath away, she added to her list of honours by winning the FA Cup again with Arsenal at Wembley last season. She was inundated with good wishes from players in both the women's and men's games. 'Peter Beardsley called me up and left me a voicemail, too,' she says.

'He said, 'I don't know if you will remember me or even know who I am but you were a better No 10 than me'.For much of her career, the game was her obsession and her escape from a lack of self-worth that chased her and tortured her.She had devoted herself to the game since her childhood, when she would spend hours juggling a balloon in the front room of her parents' house in Fourth Avenue in the Garston area of Watford, or dribbling a stone all the way to school.But he looked rather more enthusiastic to see some of Arsenal’s Spanish contingent, greeting Santi Cazorla – who is currently injured – with a warm embrace prior to the start of the match.He also exchanged words with Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin, and seemed particular sad to part ways with the right-back when they went to their respective dressing rooms at half-time.Kelly Smith's Boston Terrier, Koda, lies curled up on the sofa.