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Using the motion of their own remotes, the users can then play with the settings on their partner's vibrator, upping the frequency or taking it down as required.So the more one partner moves their wand, the more the other partner's will vibrate." That's what tens of thousands of raving customers have called LELO's Soraya from the Insignia Collection. The Dreamy Desire Collection consists of the world’s most advanced vibrators for couples - the Touch Vibrator and the Limited edition We-Vibe® 4 Plus. Just have your lover take a seat on top, or bend over it, and slide right in for the most intensely stimulating pleasure you've ever experienced With its patented...

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Simply slide down on the dildo and ease comfortable into the curved seat.

Its ergonomically designed contours perfectly rest on your most sensitive areas, allowing you... " —Oprah Winfrey Become addicted and experience the new Sex and the City Rabbit Habit Vibrator just like Charlotte! Elevate your sensuality with the new LELO Liv 2 Luxury Vibrator.

Ever wish you could just hand over the reins and let your partner do all the work?

Now it's simpler and easier than ever with Oh Mi Bod's blue Motion Vibrator. Just place the vibrating pad in your panties and let your partner open the app on...

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Is Your Partner's Tongue Just Not Doing It For You?

Billed as the toy that has transformed cybersex, the Mojowijo vibrator can be connected wirelessly to a laptop and controlled remotely, meaning that those forced to say goodnight via Skype could now see their late night calls suddenly spiced up.

Using the firm's patented Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the movements performed by each user into vibration signals and send them to another selected device – either in the same room or over the internet.

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On one of the leather mouthpieces you have the standard ball that’ll turn... Indulge your deepest sexual fantasies with Fetish Fantasy's amazingly easy-to -use bondage swing. Its patented harness and strap system is like floating in a spaceship! Strap yourself in and find out what makes you go wild, with a wide variety of options and pleasurable positions you never thought you'd find yourself in.