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They started the year with a useless piece of fabric called the Penis Tuxedo, and took up the rest of the year on their even-more-useless condom, the Hex.They partnered with Charlie Sheen, a celeb known for abusing women, to act as their spokesperson and liaison to breaching Civilian Land as they try to fancy themselves a condom maker and sex toy maker.So when I was searching for a cheap, clear sex toy to use in my clear silicone post I couldn’t resist the purchase of the Tracy’s Dog rabbit, especially since 90% of the Amazon listing called it silicone. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from this brand; there are other brands to support instead, and Tracy’s Dog doesn’t have anything truly unique.

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Doxy has a few products coming down the pike for 2017 that I am 98% certain I’m going to fall in love with, so be EXCITED.

Lelo fell out of my favor years ago but it’s been getting worse.

The promotion of a condom that can break and users don’t even know it broke is dangerous, ironic (Sheen is HIV ) and plain stupid.

Any sex educator who promotes the Hex as a good condom has earned my distrust, and I’m done recommending Lelo products, period.

And even though the flagship We-Vibe, that c-shaped couples vibe, has never been something I needed or loved, I have to give props to their new Sync.

They fixed the “fit” issue so that it would accommodate the genitals of more people.

, I wrote more frequently this year than I have in recent years. I noticed how hard Kenton was working to perfect the designs and the lengths Kenton will go to to ensure that everything is as high-quality as possible. Shevibe is now stocking a few select colors/models from Funkit (including the rainbow “Crista” design)!

I’m branching out a little with this list to talk about sex toys I loved, loathed, wanted to love, and hope to love. It’s the same technology as all other Womanizer versions, but it is cheaper. The vibrations are fairly rumbly and have enough power to get me off. I wasn’t in love with the first line of Iroha squishy vibes, but I’m a convert now. At first there were just a few dildos and a plug, but now there are paddles and hand-sex rings and even ball gags. Crowned Jewels -In a world rife with counterfeit stainless steel sex toy designs the originality and beauty of Crowned Jewels stood out.

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