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A: You may pay any ticket at the District Court Clerk’s Office located next to the Sharp County Jail.

A: You will need to contact each city hall for their ordinances on that subject.

Q: Am I required to have address numbers on my house or business?

Q: What are the safety requirements for children in vehicles?

A: Arkansas law requires children under six years of age and weighing less than sixty pounds to be seated in child safety seats. (see above law)Q: I’m thinking about tinting the windows on my vehicle, what are the legal requirements?

If the report was taken by an Arkansas State Police Officer, you must obtain your report from Troop Headquarters.

The State Police can be contacted at (870) 523-2701. Q: I received a traffic ticket, where can I pay it?

These only apply to family members or members of a household.

You may have to seek a restraining order through an attorney if you do not fit that criteria. A: Body Attachments are court orders usually issued in child support enforcement actions.

Other Body Attachments will require the person to remain in custody until brought before the Judge who issued the order.

Body Attachments can be served in any part of the State, just as arrest warrants can.

A: Yes, prominent display of numbers is required for emergency services in the cities and the county. A: All persons in the front seat are required to wear a seatbelt.