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It shall be unlawful for the owner of any previously registered dog to fail to maintain current registration of such dog.Upon registration, the owner shall present a current, completed certificate of immunization against rabies.

Whenever the mayor shall deem it necessary for the protection and welfare of the inhabitants of the city, he or she shall issue an order requiring all dogs kept within the city to be effectively muzzled for such length of time as may be specified in the order, to prevent them from biting or injuring persons or animals.Such order shall be published in the official newspaper of the city for such period of time as the mayor may deem necessary.Among the dozens of prominent Americans entangled in sexual-misconduct cases this year are a modest number of men whose accusers are male.For some LGBT civic leaders, dismay over these cases is mixed with relief and even a trace of pride at how they were addressed.Every owner of any dog over six months of age shall annually register with the city clerk his or her name and address with the name, sex, and description of each dog owned and kept within the city.

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any newly acquired dog or any dog brought into the city to fail to register such animal within 30 days from acquisition or bringing the dog into the city.For the first offense of an animal running at large, the owner or harborer shall pay a fine of plus the board bill.The owner or harborer shall also be required to purchase a City tag if the animal does not have one.The relief reflects a general sense that media coverage of these cases — notably those involving actor Kevin Spacey, Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine and former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray — has been mostly fair and responsible, focused on the alleged misconduct rather than on sexual orientation.The coverage "does represent an advance," said Darrel Cummings, chief of staff of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.All expenses incurred as a result of the confinement shall be paid by the owner.