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Road and her two fatally attacking offspring were euthanized; Hicks kept the male pit bull.[source citations] Frederick Crutchfield, 63-years old, was discovered dead in the woods near his home on February 4 by Johnson County Sheriff's deputies and Coal Hill police.Gregory witnessed the attack, but was unable to stop the animals.

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Smith, nicknamed "Smitty," spent his life as a tanker truck driver who delivered milk to farms and creameries in Frederick for nearly 60 years.[source citations] Declan Moss, 18-months old, was mauled to death by two family pit bull-mixes.[source citations] Tay Lynn De Vaughn, 2-years old, was attacked and killed by a pit bull while visiting her aunt's home in the 3900 block of Fleetwood Drive.She was transported to Jefferson Hospital where she was pronounced dead.In 2015, five fatalities involved dogs from two or more different breeds, thus producing a "death credit" total of 41 rather than 34.

Six dog breeds each contributed to one death, including: German shepherd-mix, golden retriever-mix, Rhodesian ridgeback-mix, lab-mix, husky and mixed-breed.

Johnson County Coroner, Pam Cogan, pronounced him dead at the scene.

His body was sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner's Office in Little Rock. On February 20, Johnson County Sheriff Larry Jones issued a press release stating, "The Arkansas Crime Lab has determined the cause of death exsanguination (loss of blood) due to multiple canine injuries.

Malaki's stepfather, Jeremiah Hicks, was in the home when the attack occurred. When several family members, including a 10-year old boy, returned to the home, they saw Malaki's body in the yard.

The dogs had horribly attacked the boy and stripped away most of his clothes.

Eugene Smith, 87-years old, was fatally attacked by his family pit bull while taking down his Christmas tree.