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The accident made headlines and ironically, took place on Delhi's BRT Corridor, meant to segregate diverse vehicles and the people in them.

Rishi wasn't the only reckless driver in a luxury car on the city's roads.

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Always a city where power and money carried clout, the Capital's rich and restless are not averse to flaunting their wealth.Increasing displays of luxury cars, paying of enormous club bills, flaunting designer labels and VIP licence plates could be the tip of proverbial iceberg: Delhi's new flamboyance indicates that attitudes towards spending are undergoing a metamorphosis in the power-hungry city.A 2007 survey conducted by Indicus Analytics revealed that Delhi was home to the maximum number of millionaires in the country - a whopping 1.38 lakh Delhiites earn more than a million rupees every year. Golfer Abhyaudya Sanghi, 25, scion of a business family that owns one of Delhi's biggest car dealerships, says of the new culture of ostentatious display: "Unless you go out in the best cars to the best places, dressed in the biggest designer labels, you feel like you're not respected," he says. Consider the case of Delnaz Ahmed, 18, from a typical Delhi business family that owns franchises of a popular designer label.Delnaz (name changed on request) has a singular pursuit these days: to make herself look the best she can, cost be damned.An address that wealth is attached to and, according to Sanghi, a lot of pride as well.

Born to the family that owns MG Motors, one of Delhi's biggest car dealerships, Sanghi seems almost apologetic talking about how their family has only six cars, and the most expensive of the lot is an Honda Accord, which he drives."I never had much of a talent for business anyway and golf is a pretty prestigious sport as well," he adds.Like any other 20-something in urban India, Abhyudaya likes socialising and goes clubbing at least once a week.After a Carerra and a Mercedes Benz, this was the third accident involving sports cars in the city in recent times.With the third highest per capita income in the country, according to a government survey on spending that came out in February, Delhiites spend the most amongst Indian states.Almost always, when two worlds collide, it doesn't make a pretty sight.