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What age woman do men find attractive based on their own age from 20-50? (The women graphic was right next to it and women mostly find men around their own age to be the most attractive).

Instead of trying to bust basketball coaches for paying for top recruits the FBI should be looking into this because it’s an infinitely bigger issue of fraud.And if it happened to your buddy, it’s probably happening to guys all over the country.Also, if you’re an Outkick VIP member we are having an event in St.Louis on Friday night so check the message board for those details.”My first thought when I heard this was how is every athlete in America not falling for this and getting scammed?

Think of the number of smoking hot chicks trying to bang them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter every day.

She gets naked professionally so you have no mutuality of risk like you would in most shared nudity situations.

So this scam requires that an extorted dude electronically wires you the money to avoid having his pictures go up online.

Men are incredibly dumb when it comes to sex with attractive women.

By the way, how awesome is this graphic from the Sunday New York Times.

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