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I've lived in Sarasota, Florida for about ten years, and I absolutely love it.

I lived Sarasota for three years and I don't like it.There's a significant problem with police corruption for starters. Despite being part of the South geographically, almost everybody is a transplant from the Northeast: New York state, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. You kinda get the impression there are a lot of ex-cons and deinstitutionalized mental patients in Sarasota.There is a film festival that comes around, bringing celebs.A keen eye may spot Stephen King or Jerry Springer out and about.For retirees, I wouldn't let these issues stop you.

There is crime but most won't be affected by anything greater than a pilfered bicycle or something.

Some people in Sarasota can be quite antisocial, even hostile, and it's not unusual to be insulted by total strangers in public. Don't be surprised if some stranger makes a remark about your personal life 20 years ago. There's hardly anybody raised in the South, the Midwest, or anywhere else. Many of those guys are hostile and go around insulting strangers everywhere. About the only thing I like about Sarasota is the weather. I owned a home there (Gulf Gate neighborhood) from 2002 until 2011.

My impression was that most people had been there less than a decade. I will say this, if you are a person of means or at least upper middle class Sarasota is paradise.

(Just behind Main Street and over into Bradenton) I warn you because what this leads to, along with OUTRAGEOUSLY skyrocketing rental prices, is the local drug trade.

The prescription drug problem is rampant and is present, with varying degrees of visibility, in all parts of Sarasota and in all walks of life.

941-275-2971The City of Sarasota counts on its parking fine revenues as a steady stream of income.